Why S.T.E.M. is important for young and old

Here at BrainHackr we have a keen passion for all things S.T.E.M. Our team of contributors consists of everything from designers and developers to neuro-linguistic programmers and those with degrees in psychology and hypnotherapy. In the lead up to National Science Week this seems like a great time to explain a little bit about why. S.T.E.M. is an […]


National Science Week 2016

National Science Week, Australia’s annual celebration of all things science and technology, starts this Saturday and runs until the 21st of August. Established in 1997, National Science Week provides an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of Australian scientists and aims to encourage an interest in science pursuits among the general public. With events running all over […]


What are your islands of personality?

As we’ve written about before, Inside Out is a treasure trove of lessons that we can all learn from. Today, however, I’d like to go down a more practical route. In the Pixar film we see inside the mind of eleven year old Riley, where, among other creative metaphors, she has five “islands of personality”. These […]


Pro Tips: Tom Daley’s tips to stay motivated

Tom Daley was one of Britain’s youngest-ever Olympians, and has a slew of medals from the Commonwealth Games and other world championships. If you’re looking for someone to take some motivation tips from, who better to pick than an Olympian? If you don’t follow Tom Daley on YouTube and Instagram, you should. His accounts are full […]


Lessons from Inside Out

If you haven’t seen Inside Out yet, you should. Inside Out takes place in the mind of 11 year old Riley, a happy hockey loving 11 year old who’s world gets turned upside down when she and her parents move to San Francisco. Along the way Riley learns to wrangle five personifications of her emotions, Joy, […]


It’s time to flex your rebus

You might be asking what exactly is a rebus, and how do you flex it? A ‘rebus’ is a puzzle where a word, or part of a word, is represented by a picture. The picture can be an exact interpretation of the word or a visual pun which, when read correctly, constructs the word. The origins of […]


Importance of play for everyone

Let’s say you saw someone at their desk playing with a ball of play dough or a set of Lego or even a bucket of sand. You would probably think to yourself, ‘it’s time for Bob over there to grow up’. You wouldn’t be alone in that thought, either. Modern society tends to dismiss play for […]


Creative Tips from Creative Writers

You might think that writing children’s books would be easy, but according to legendary children’s author Roald Dahl children’s books are some of the hardest books to write. We’ve collected some top tips for staying creative and open minded while writing. Let the creativity flow When getting started, don’t restrict yourself. You may have an idea […]


Using Morning Pages to help creativity

Morning pages are a recent trend being picked up by those hoping to increase their creativity, exercise their brains, and start their morning fresh. The basic idea is to spend 15 minutes every morning writing three pages. Your writings could include: A random brain dump of whatever pops into your head, Poetry, a story, or […]


Build it like Beckham: Play by the professionals

Earlier today we talked about the importance of play. It may be perceived by some as a waste of time and unproductive, but play has the ability to help us escape the daily grind, relieve stress, boost creativity, improve brain function and even help build relationships. In our recommendations for play we mentioned trying out […]