Having trouble getting gaming time at home? Why don’t you come to our place?

For just $5 per person you will get access to our library of over 300 board games, card games, puzzles and other brain training toys (like our elusive ‘Einstein house puzzle’).

Have a game you’ve been wanting to buy but want to give it a try first? Want to have a game session with friends but don’t want to clear off the 2000 piece puzzle you swear you’ll get back to someday? Well just book a table and come on down!

Book a table

We have a range of tables available in our cafe and can accommodate up to 6 people. Before you make your booking below take some time to skim through the FAQ at the bottom of the page, this covers all of the terms and conditions to use the space.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cafe kid friendly?

While we are a board game cafe the vast majority of our games cater to big kids! There are games suited to children from around the age of 12+ when played with adults. It’s also important to note that we frequently have groups playing adult only games like Cards Against Humanity and what the f*ck so if you’re concerned about adult themes its best to leave the younger ones at home. We also do not permit children under 3 into the cafe for health and safety reasons (those meeples can sure be tasty!)

What games do you have to play?

SOOOOOOOOO MANY! You can have a look at our constantly-updating library here! 😀

Do you have a liquor licence?

We certainly do, whats better than games, friends and a few drinks! As we are a licenced venue all persons under 18 must be accompanied by a fully grown human at all times. We are also legally required to state (in a robot voice) A person under 18 who obtains or consumes liquor on our premises, and the person who supplies liquor to the person under 18, are each guilty of an offence under the Liquor Licencing Act 1997 (Beep Boop).

Our GeekyTiki Lounge is only accessible to persons over 18.

Do you do children’s parties?

Not exactly. Parents are certainly welcome to book a table and bring in a few over their small humans (we can host up to 6 persons) but to keep noise and disruption down for other guests we only permit one table to be booked per group. The majority of our games require a bit of brain power so we ask that children are supervised and supported by adults at all times.

Is there a cheaper rate for children?

That sounds a little heightist to me! We don’t discriminate on any grounds including height and age, everyone pays the same $5 cover fee to use the gaming area.

What food and drinks are available?

Our friends at Holey Cheezus provide a full menu of grilled sandwiches suitable for a snack or even a meal. Soft drinks, water, coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes and alcoholic drinks are available for purchase.

Can we bring in our own alcohol or food?

Nom nom no. We have our own in store cafe, bar and grill so there are plenty of food and drinks available, what more could you want? Also we don’t want to risk our liquor licence or 5 star health rating so no external food or drinks are allowed! Please and thank you 🙂

Do you provide vegetarian or vegan options?

Holey Cheezus provides quite a few vegetarian options. But as a company who exclusively sells dairy based products a ‘vegan’ option is not available. Holey Cheezus tell us they have tried out vegan cheese but it doesn’t meet their strict quality requirements. Maybe in the future.

Can I reserve a game?

First check the library listing to make sure we have the game. We are expanding the range all the time. When booking a table you can request a specific game or games. We can’t guarantee your request but will certainly do our best, we recommend always having a couple of choices in mind.

Can I bring my furbabies?

Awwwwwwww no. Soz. The BrainHackr team have our own furry friends that we would love to bring in to work, but to keep our 5 star health rating we can’t allow animals to be brought on site. Except of course for service animals, we will always make arrangements to accommodate guide, hearing and assistance dogs.

What happens if I damage a game?

Uh ohs! Please take care of the games. Any group found to cause negligent damage to our games will be required to purchase the game at the current retail price.

What payment methods do you accept?

Pretty much all of them (except Amex and Diners – bank no likey).

What happens if I can’t make it or need to change my booking?

You may cancel your booking up to 4 hours before your scheduled session. Cancellations received after this time may result in groups being either refused or placed onto a waiting list for future bookings. We don’t charge for cancellations and you can cancel online at any time using the link emailed in your original confirmation.

The best way to change a booking is to either use the link in the email to cancel and make a new booking, or just give us a call and we can edit the booking for you.

Can you accommodate a group larger than 6?

Possibly, maybe, give us a call. Most games are limited to 6 persons but there are some such as Magic Maze, Werewolf and Spyfall that accommodate larger numbers. If you are looking to run a larger session with one of these games have a chat with us and we will see what we can work out.

Do you hire out the space for private events?

It is possible to exclusively hire the gaming space for corporate events, game group meet ups, etc. This is only considered outside of our usual trade (e.g. Tues, Wed, Thurs nights), give us a call to have a chat.

Do you have disability access?

Unfortunately as we are located in an older building we do not have street level access, customers will be required to ascend one step to enter the store (approximately 20cm in height), use of our single unisex bathroom facility will require use of a short 12 step staircase. We know this isn’t ideal for persons who may not be able to access the store, please click here to read our full disability statement which may provide other options available to you.