Due to the Covid19 pandemic we have had to put our physical location into hibernation. We’ll be opening up again in a new location when things return to a new normal!

🌲⛰️ P A R K S . S A L E ☀️💧

Hey PARKS fans! We've got pre-orders available for the new range of PARKS expansions. As an approved Keymaster Games retailer we’re holding a special 48 hour pre-order period where our Tabletoppers can get PARKS, the new expansion and standalone games at some heavily reduced prices.

Check out all the options here:

These exclusive prices are less than Kickstarter and include taxes and shipping to Australia, just pay local shipping for orders under $45.

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We've closed the doors for pick-ups today, but we'll be back again from 2pm tomorrow. If you grabbed a bargain during our hibernation sale and selected pick-up then come in Tuesday or Wednesday to get your swag. ...

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Oh boy, we've sure got a lotta geeks hungry for games! .
Have you made your order yet? Our hibernation clear-out sale is only on until Sunday 10th of May, so DON'T MISS OUT!
Sale link in bio! SA Metro only.

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David and Adam are back online at 5pm for another live Cryptic Crossword session! Whether you wanna learn how they work or just wanna watch two guys get super frustrated by riddles, we've got the stream for you!


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Pre-order your copy of the King of Tokyo 🌃 Edition before release date on May 1st to get a bonus promo card and monster🐧 This one time special printing won't be around for long. Order your copy for $74.95 with free metro 🚚 🤯

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Did you miss out on the Oceans Kickstarter? To celebrate the retail release on the 20th we're having a flash sale on three copies of the Kickstarter Deluxe edition (includes acrylic fish tokens, silken bags and matte sleeves🤯). These will be just $94.95 until sold out, RRP$169.95


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Bandido fans! The awesome folks at @helvetiq have released a free Print & Play version of Bandido COVID-19. This super cute re-theme replaces the bandit with a virus, and the torches with things like washing your hands and social distancing.

Download it from their website: https://www.helvetiq.com/bandido-special-covid-19-edition

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[ C O V I D - 1 9 . U P D A T E ]
As the Covid19 situation continues to rapidly evolve and following the government’s recommendation yesterday for further social distancing, we have decided that we will be closing both our café and store for the remainder of March.

We want to assure everyone that we have no intention of closing permanently, but we will need some help and support from our friends and regulars during this time. We are now offering multi-purpose gift cards for use in the café, on-site gift shop, and our escape room! We’ll be encouraging people to buy gift cards for themselves and for friends and family to use when we reopen.

Some of you may have also noticed over the last couple of months we’ve been redeveloping our website, including developing a new online store. Now we’re happy to announce the launch of ‘Tabletoppers Warehouse’, a gaming mecca of 9000+ items at warehouse prices. This new service is exclusive to SA and for those in the metro/northern areas you’ll get free delivery on any order over $45. Items ordered from the ‘BrainHackr Picks’ collection will even be delivered the very next day. There’s no need to venture out from home at all to get your gaming fix now.

We will continue to post content through the coming weeks, including special deals and promotional content. If you can share this stuff, mention us to your friends, and keep up with tagging, reviewing and engaging with us on the Tabletoppers of Adelaide Facebook group, then we will have a better chance of bouncing back quickly and giving everyone the post-isolation game nights they truly deserve!

Keep Calm and Game On,

Drew, David and Adam (The BrainHackr Boys)
Check out the Tabletoppers Warehouse here:

Grab a gift card for the café through the website:

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Check out this Seal of Excellence sundae we made last week, topped with one of our house-made chocolate game pieces. Who knows what game this little guy is from?

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David couldn't be bothered coming up with a clever marketing spiel for wedges. Wedges market themselves. Mmmm wedges. ...

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Now that summer is already leaving us (it got down to 14° tonight) it's time to review our hours for Autumn.

Over summer we trialed opening on Sundays, however the feedback and attendance has told us that this day isn't useful for our customers. On the other hand we've had lots of requests to open up more weeknight hours to enable regular gaming sessions to find a home.

So starting from this week we'll be changing our hours to accommodate:

Tuesday - events only
Wednesday - 4pm - 10pm (no bookings mixer nights)
Thursday - 4-10pm
Friday - 4-10pm
Saturday - 12-10pm

We'll see you all for some gaming soon!

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Happy Leap Day! Make sure to have a great day. After all, it's Leap Day! Real life is for March.

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How do you make a milkshake? Give a cow a pogo stick!

Aaaaaaanyway 😋 Whatever your milkshake tastes (boozy or just oozy) we've got ya sorted. Here's our UES Malthouse shake (chocolate, malt and crushed Malteser) accompanied by our Alan Parish BoozyShake (Fireball whisky and banana liqueur). #brainhackr #boardgamecafe #prospect #adelaide #southaustralia #tabletopgames #tabletop #games #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgames #tabletopgaming #gamer

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Big news! We've now got a range of drinks from the local guys at @_brewboys_ available at the bar! BrewBoys is an awesome local brewery (literally 5 minutes away) known for making creative and great tasting beers.

For those playing at home, these are the same guys that fill up our beer taps with such awesome drinks every month. This month our taps have crowd favourite Lemon Felon, the classic Maiden Ale, and the new Gingerphobia. Our kegs are cooling right now and will be available tonight!

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The world is doomed, it's just a matter of time. As the people of earth you must join forces to build a rocket and get off the planet. The question is, when the rocket leaves will there be room for everyone?

Come try out our new favourite party game, and see how much you can trust the people you play with. Will they be the wind beneath your wings, or the foot tripping you over?

We've still got tables available tonight and all weekend. Jump onto www.brainhac.kr to book a table!

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Though often mistaken for Scooby-Doo, this little guy is Dogmeat from Fallout. That's why he's our go-to Geeki Tiki to serve up our Nuka-Cola Spider, with a double shot of dark spiced rum, cola and a scoop of ice cream ☢️ #tabletopgames #tabletop #games #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgames #tabletopgaming #gamer #fallout #geekitiki #dogmeat #nukacola #spider #icecream #boozyshake #brainhackr #bethesda ...

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We've gone back to our roots a bit with our new sandwiches. Introducing the Pacific Express, our veggie-friendly grilled cheese. This bad boy has freshly melted raclette cheese, roasted capsicum, a slice of pickle, jalapeno & green tomato pickle relish and a tasty taka tala fruit chutney.

Also available is the Ludwig, with a slice of raclette, honey baked ham, Bavarian mustard, pickle, and caramelised onion.

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