Due to the Covid19 pandemic we have had to put our physical location into hibernation. We’ll be opening up again in a new location when things return to a new normal!

Disability statement

Over 4 million people in Australia experience disability. That’s around 1 in 5 Australians. People with disability, as well as their friends, relations and colleagues, constitute a significant group of consumers and we want to make sure that we don’t make it difficult for anyone to access our goods and services.

Our primary function is to share board games with our community, as such ensuring availability of game information and physical products to our consumers is our number one priority

Our Store

Unfortunately, as we are located in an older building we do not have street-level access. Customers will be required to ascend one step to enter the store (approximately 20cm in height), and use of our single unisex bathroom facility will require the use of a short 12-step staircase. We know this isn’t ideal for persons who may not be able to access the products in our store, therefore we operate an online version of our store that displays all products available in real-time. We ensure that all promotions run in-store are also available to customers via phone or online orders.

We offer free local pickup on phone or online orders. Our secondary counter is located right by the door and pickups can be made from there.

Our Food

Much of our food can be made ‘takeaway’ and orders can be made via. phone and picked up from the counter located at the entrance. Coffee and other drinks are also available however alcohol can not be served off-premises.

Our Game Demonstrations / Play

For those unable to access the game area we provide demonstrations of various games on our YouTube channel and can provide information on other free gaming groups located both north and south of the city that run regular sessions in accessibility friendly locations.

Will this change anytime soon?

As a new start-up business it would cause unjustifiable hardship for us to modify the building’s access at this stage. However, should our business continue to grow we will certainly address this with our landlord during future lease negotiations.

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