Due to the Covid19 pandemic we have had to put our physical location into hibernation. We’ll be opening up again in a new location when things return to a new normal!


Our favourite games for two

You might be surprised to find out that despite running a board game bar and cafe many of the games we play are only two players. Quickie games on lunch breaks and late-night games after closing kinda end up with low player counts. But since it’s Valentine’s Day, I figure this is where I’m a […]

Survive a heist gone wrong in “Never Bring A Knife”

Social Deduction party games are the bread and butter of our board game cafe library, in that they may not really be for everyone because dietary requirements, but those who love ’em really can’t get enough of them. Poor glutenous analogies aside, they are some of the most fiercely competitive short games for larger groups, […]

10 board games that should get TV adaptations

Clue, Battleships, Ouija. The world of tabletop games has lead to some…interesting film adaptations in the past. Sure, movies like Clue (or Cluedo for us Aussies) ended up as cult classics in the end, but most have fallen flat for being unimaginative or too rushed. For me though, the big problem is that they were […]

Catan to get the Pokemon Go treatment

Get ready to take your hard bargains and sheep monopolies to the streets, because the classic board game is joining the augmented reality scene with “Catan: World Explorers”. Although official details are a little scarce, Catan GmbH seem to be pairing up with mobile game giant Niantic Labs(Pokemon Go, Ingress) with their new location-based game, […]

“The Botanist” Escape Room: A doomsday puzzle in a board game cafe!

Escape room enthusiasts rejoice, for now there is another expert level challenge available to play in South Australia! The Botanist is the newest feature at BrainHackr Board Game Bar & Cafe. It’s an escape room challenge for up to 4 players, designed by Urban Mysteries Co and located in Prospect, South Australia. Stop the machine […]

New ways to play Hive

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Hive around here. It’s one of the most played games in the cafe, and currently at the top of David’s Board Game Stats play count. To help add new twists after playing it so often, we’ve come up with a few variants. Give them a go and let […]

A look at First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet

Lights were flashing everywhere. Once mostly green, the red LEDs were popping up with alarming frequency all through the master control panel. It meant that the base was breaking apart, piece by piece. We had lost oxygen production in our greenhouses, causing the seedlings to suffocate. The rover was several days into a journey across […]

The Mensa Select winners for 2019 have been announced

Over the weekend we got to find out the latest games to hold the honourable title of being a Mensa Select winner. The Mensa Select seal has been slapped onto a number of our favourite games, including Azul, Photosynthesis, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Fluxx and many more.

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