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Survive a heist gone wrong in “Never Bring A Knife”

Social Deduction party games are the bread and butter of our board game cafe library, in that they may not really be for everyone because dietary requirements, but those who love ’em really can’t get enough of them.

Poor glutenous analogies aside, they are some of the most fiercely competitive short games for larger groups, and if you can take the heat, you’ll have a great laugh and a very memorable time. This is what makes us so keen to gear up and watch who we trust in “Never Bring a Knife”, a new team-based social deduction game for 4-8 players.

4 – 8 Players

20 – 30 minutes

Ages 17+

Social Deduction / Hidden Roles / Teams

Australian Designers

In “Never Bring a Knife”, players are secretly split into Hardened Criminals and Undercover Cops. After a heist goes wrong, all the players are caught in an intense action-movie shootout! It’s then up to players to work out who is on which side. Everyone starts knowing one other player’s true role, so the deduction element begins from the first move. Players will deal out gun damage, armor for protection, intel to check hidden roles, and money to buy actions. This is a two-team game, and if anyone on your team is eliminated, your whole team loses!

Never Bring a Knife is designed by Australian designers Maggie and Jordan Clyne, and published by Atlas Games. The style gives us some PAYDAY2 vibes with a hint of The Departed and Resevoir Dogs, and the gameplay sounds like the best elements of Bang without the wait times of player elimination. We are locked and loaded!

“Never Bring a Knife” is set to release later this month, and can be ordered through our online store.

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