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“The Botanist” Escape Room: A doomsday puzzle in a board game cafe!

Escape room enthusiasts rejoice, for now there is another expert level challenge available to play in South Australia! The Botanist is the newest feature at BrainHackr Board Game Bar & Cafe. It’s an escape room challenge for up to 4 players, designed by Urban Mysteries Co and located in Prospect, South Australia.

Stop the machine and save the world

This escape room pits your group as investigators hot on the tail of Dr Audrey Bloom, a distinguished botanist and daughter of the famous philanthropist Seymour Bloom. After the loss of her father in mysterious circumstances, Audrey devolved into paranoia, anger, and eventually, madness. Using a deadly concoction of plant matter from around the world, Audrey has created a doomsday device located in her remote jungle cabin.

Your team is able to hunt down the location and although you can’t find Audrey, you do find yourself sealed inside the cabin after stepping through the doors! For the next hour, your team must solve a series of puzzles to disengage the locks and get out alive.

Escape and make the leaderboard

In its first few months only one team has successfully escaped The Botanist without using hints. Get in quick and you can join the elite club of escapees!

This escape room is fun, entertaining and challenging but beyond that, the attention to detail is beyond expectation!
Fred & Brendan

South Australian designed escape room!

Unlike many franchised escape room spaces, The Botanist is a totally unique escape room designed in South Australia by BrainHackr and Urban Mysteries Co. For those having trouble it even features a speccy tablet based hint system built by Prospect web company Digital Barn.

For a great combination, players can book a games session before or after their escape attempt, where they can play over 500 games from the extensive board game library. Now that’s a guaranteed fun night out!

Bookings for “The Botanist” escape room can be made at Urban Mysteries Co. You can also book Stay ‘N Play gaming sessions at BrainHackr Board Game Bar & Cafe.

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