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The Mensa Select winners for 2019 have been announced

Over the weekend we got to find out the latest games to hold the honourable title of being a Mensa Select winner. The Mensa Select seal has been slapped onto a number of our favourite games, including Azul, Photosynthesis, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Fluxx and many more. As described by the folks at Mensa Mindgames:


The seal indicates that a game is original in concept, challenging, and well designed. Additionally, these games are a good value for the price, easy to comprehend and play, and, above all, fun!

So who won this year? Let’s take a look:

Architects of the West Kingdom

Renegade Game Studios


This one doesn’t come as a surprise, given that the sister game “Raiders of the North Sea”, also designed by Shem Phillips, was a Mensa select winner in 2018. This card drafting/set collection game with gorgeous artwork was a hit during its Kickstarter campaign, and was praised for having intuitive mechanics and a relatively low learning curve.

Architects of the West Kingdom is out soon at BrainHackr – Pre-order it here!




Who doesn’t love a game with shiny marbles? Gizmos was a bona fide hit on release, with a great sci-fi aesthetic and family friendly gameplay. It’s also created by Australian designer Phil Walker-Harding, which is a big plus in our books!

Gizmos is available to play in the BrainHackr Board Game Bar & Cafe – Book a session here!


Renegade Game Studio

Feudal Japan always looks great on the tabletop, and this one is no exception. Custom-cut meeples and vibrant colours are just the tip of the iceberg in this gorgeous territory-management game.

Gunkimono is available to play in the BrainHackr Board Game Bar & Cafe – Book a session here!



Blue Orange Games

Planet is a game we have been eager to try ever since it was announced. The gorgeous artwork from Sabrina Miramon (who also made the stunning artwork for 2018 winner Photosynthesis) makes this an essential game for the collection of any nature-lover.

Planet is coming soon to BrainHackr – Pre-order it here!


Victorian Masterminds


It’s almost a given that this game has made the list, given that the whole game revolves around playing diabolical evil-geniuses! With designs implemented by Eric Lang and Antoine Bauza, this worker-placement game is simple to learn, but packs plenty of variety and great artwork to be replayable time and time again!

Victorian Masterminds is available to play in the BrainHackr Board Game Bar & Cafe – Book a session here!



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