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What you need to start playing KeyForge

We’re finally entering the age of KeyForge! Since we’re a day away from our special KeyForge pre-launch learn-to-play event we thought we’d let you know what you’ll need to be able to start playing KeyForge at home.

KeyForge is the new game from Fantasy Flight Games, designed by Richard Garfield. Not just a generic CCG, KeyForge is a “unique deck game”. This means that the deck that you buy will be different to every other KeyForge deck. Your deck is played as-is, you don’t add to it with other boosters and enhancements. This makes it a great entry level game for people that don’t want to dedicate the rest of their lives (and income) to creating the perfect deck.

So how do you get started with KeyForge? Well at the moment there are two products on the market, the KeyForge Starter Set and the Archon Decks.

TL;DR: At least 1 in 2 people should grab a starter set, as it has the extra bits needed to play the game. Other than that, the Archon decks are where the fun is.

Call of the Archons Starter Set

The starter set is where all up-and-coming KeyForgers should begin. It comes with two training decks, two unique Archon decks, and the other game pieces needed to play a round of KeyForge with another player.

The training decks are the same in every starter set. They have extra info on each card to help you learn the lingo and the mechanics of the game. FFG recommend you play through at least one game of KeyForge using the training decks to learn how to play, before opening your unique decks.

The exciting part starts once you’re done with your training, because the starter set also comes with two unique Archon decks. These are the decks you will use throughout your Archon career, and will be unique to you. Once you have completed a training round, open these decks and flick through to see what houses you have access to, and what cards you’ve scored.

The starter set also contains the pieces of Æmber, damage tokens and unforged keys needed to play. This means that every time you battle someone in KeyForge, one of you will have to have the components from the starter set.

Pro-tip: If you and a friend want to get started with KeyForge, split the cost of a starter set. You’ll get a unique deck each, and will have everything needed to play against each other.

Archon Decks

If you or a friend already has the starter set, the next step is to grab a few Archon decks. Since you can’t customise your deck with boosters, the alternative is to have a couple of Archon decks on hand. When playing a game of KeyForge you will choose one of your decks to play with. You will know the strengths and weaknesses of your decks, so this is where you can show some strategy.

Archon decks (including the 2 included in the starter set) contain the following:

  • One ID card that shows your Archon’s unique name, unique symbol, and the icons of the three houses it belongs to. On the other side of your ID is a list of all of the cards in your deck. The symbols next to the names of the cards tell you how common or rare these cards are.
  • 37 cards from the 3 houses shown on your ID card. These are the creatures, actions, artifacts and upgrades you use to battle in KeyForge. The exact combination of these cards is what is unique to you. You might share some cards with another deck, but nobody will have the exact combination that you do.

Good to know: While you can see how rare some of your cards are, FFG have announced that rarity has no impact on how powerful the card is. Unlike some other games where an ultra rare card is practically the holy grail of the game, a rare card in KeyForge is just a card that other people are unlikely to have.

So that’s it. Grab yourself an Archon deck or 2 and get forging! This is a brand new game, so we want to see as many photos of you all playing as we can. Make sure to post photos and let us know what unique Archons you have found to the Tabletoppers of Adelaide Facebook group so we can see!

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