It’s not uncommon for gamers to find themselves flooded with board game adaptations of well known movies and TV shows. But this may be one of the few instances of an original tabletop game making its way to the big screen! A recent report from Variety¬†has mentioned that Mice and Mystics has been optioned to become an animated feature through DreamWorks Animation.

While it’s definitely surprising to see tabletop games get optioned for the adaptation treatment, it does feel like an obvious choice. Created by legendary game designer Jerry Hawthorne at Plaid Hat Games, ‘Mice and Mystics’ is a story driven game with a fantastic and creative premise.

A once peaceful kingdom falls into peril when a dark queen arrives from a distant town to manipulate and corrupt the reigning king. After being wrongly arrested for treason, the prince and his four companions are magically transformed into mice so they they can escape and save their kingdom.

This story is the crux of the game, with players working together to navigate through the storybook in a pseudo-roleplaying adventure style. The whimsical art style and story-rich components could lend themselves incredibly well to a movie adaptation, so this news is extremely exciting.

Personally, I really want to see this go ahead for all of the major titles at Plaid Hat Games, which are industry-renowned for being beautifully thematic and story-rich. Can anyone else see a movie set around Stuffed Fables, Gen7, or Dead of Winter? Bring it on!

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