There’s a staircase facing the party. A few steps ahead, a mighty roar that would frighten even the bravest.
Is it dread what you feel? No, it’s adrenaline. You’re ready to take on whatever awaits you.
You climb the stairs and you’re on stage. Your instruments are ready, the crowd is growling.

What do you do?

With 9 days left of it’s Kickstarter campaign, Rockopolis is an RPG set in the real world of the rock music scene. If you love RPGs but shy away from the high fantasy worlds, Rockopolis might be for you! Interact with rock underground legends, build your band and even play gigs!

Rockopolis has a unique set of On Stage rules that will have you playing on stage like a real band. Team up to perform sets and get the applause (or boos) you deserve.

Our favourite part of Rockopolis is the concept of Muses. Muses are why you do what you do, the driving force behind your triumphs and your failures. And there is a great assortment to choose from.

Will you gain international fame or will you fallĀ into the Abyss of anonymity? Check Rockopolis out on Kickstarter now!

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