So this is not a tabletop game related post, but it is safe to say that some video games do a great job of playing out mechanics that are just too complex for the table.  Heat Signature is a great example of a tabletopesque gaming experience that just works so well in video game form, and so I am excited to see that it has been recently updated with a range of all-new content to celebrate it’s first birthday

Heat Signature is an indie strategy game from Suspicious Developments (Gunpoint) that has been a favourite time-waster in the BrainHackr office. Played from a top-down perspective, players control a range of infiltrators in an open galaxy setting, travelling through the stars to complete contracts for credits. The action takes place in real-time, but the big fun from the game comes from the ability to stop time at any moment, allowing players to strategize and perform sweet combos with the gadgets they acquire along the way. The game offers a lot of freedom in it’s play style, and it is relentlessly difficult, so it makes a great addition to any strategy gamer’s shortlist.

The new update offers a daily challenge mode (a fantastic bragging-rights system also present in my other two indie darlings: Spelunky and Crypt of The Necrodancer), as well as new random character traits, hazards, enemies, and super-challenging special missions (gulp).

Heat Signature is available on sale through Steam for $8.99 USD ($12.50 AUD) until the 5th of October.

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