In the effort to provide a completely objective review I’m going to start by saying that OrganATTACK! (heretofore to be known as Organ Attack) is brilliant and I won’t hear a bad word about it ­čśŤ

2 – 6 players
10 years +
Usually around 20 minutes

Based on the web comic The Awkward Yeti, Organ Attack is based around protecting your organs and destroying everybody else’s. It’s a simple game where two afflictions will kill any organ and the last organ standing wins.

All players begin with an assortment of organs and a hand of attack cards. Attack cards affect specific organs and take the form of real illnesses and afflictions. Attack your friend’s organs with serious cards like┬áhyperthyroidism and cirrhosis of the liver, as well as more playful ones like “day old burrito” and “scalding coffee”.

The strategy of Organ Attack comes in the form of the special cards, like Necrosis (kill any organ instantly), Immunity Boost (block an opponent’s play) or the coveted It’s Alive (bring any organ back from the dead). You’ll find the game ends up a little bit Fluxxy with the amount of extra abilities these cards give you.

Our favourite aspect of Organ Attack is the adorable illustrations and corny jokes. The game really keeps the flavour of the web comic it was based on with every organ and attack card accompanied with illustrations and descriptions. While they take liberties to inject a little humour, most of the game tends to be medically accurate too.

Organ Attack is a hit nearly every time we’ve recommended it. At our recent gaming session at the Adelaide University Union it was played at least 5 times in one afternoon, which has got to be a record ­čÖé My only warning would be that you should probably choose your audience when it comes to players. The game is full of real afflictions, with cards like Cancer and Stroke, so it┬ámay not be suitable for players who might be sensitive about discussing such things.

If you try out Organ Attack and want a little more strategy then try adding in the new teams expansion. The OrganATTACK TEAMS Expansion Pack lets you form a team with another player and take on other teams. You can bounce strategy off your teammate with special cards, like the I concur card that lets you and your teammate double-team a devastating attack on another player. In this variation the team with one organ standing is the winner.

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