Where did the time go? It was 2 years ago today that Pokémon Go launched worldwide, and what a phenomenon it has become! We can still remember the first few months of the app release, all the magic of exploring the neighbourhood, spinning Pokéstops for immediate rewards, and watching rows of cars park near gyms in the middle of the night for a quick victory! Although the app had a brief lull in the last couple of years, it has come back in force after the recent announcement of new Pokémon games being released this year (two of which have integrated systems with Pokémon Go)!

Pokemon Go AR in the shop
Hey little buddy! Ya mind hopping off of the register?!

To celebrate this 2 year anniversary, Niantic Labs are running a special event in-game for the rest of the month, with plenty of Pikachu-themed content, including the chance to catch an adorable “Summer Style Pikachu” with a beach hat and SUNGLASSES! If you aren’t an active player of the game, trust me…it’s a big deal. They’re so cute!

There is also a community day this Sunday where players will be able to catch all the Squirtles they need, including the chance to find some wearing…you guessed it…MORE SUNGLASSES!

squirtle squad
Didn’t we all know this sort of group in high school?

Sure, Pokémon Go is a mobile game that sticks people to their phones, but it’s worth pointing out that, much like geocaching (a hobby we fully endorse), the app encourages social interaction and group exploration, and also gives plenty of opportunity to get nitty-gritty with statistics and power-levels. What’s not to love?

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