We may not deal in video games as a business, but that doesn’t stop us from being HUGE Fallout geeks in the store. The anachronistic 50’s style post-apocalyptic franchise has been a staple of gaming for decades, and has made its way onto the tabletop gaming platform on numerous occasions, with Fallout: The Board Game being the big official game, and Fallout: Wasteland Warriors sure to be a massive hit this year.

Since yesterday morning, we have been waiting in anticipation whilst a teaser site told us to stand by for new Fallout updates. then finally this morning, 24 hours later, we are geeking out over the announcement latest core video game to the franchise – Fallout 76! It’s been almost 3 years since the previous core installment, and we are so pumped to get back into that universe to fight mutants and survive the wasteland!

Set to change up the whole play style of the series, Fallout 76 is reportedly swapping out the traditional single-player format in favour of an open-world survival multiplayer experience, similar to that found in trending indie games such as DayZ, The Forest and Rust. Whilst this probably won’t appeal to all fans of the franchise, those of us in the shop are feeling like a dream has come true! As huge fans of cooperative games, and even bigger fans of the semi-cooperative gameplay style found in Fallout: The Board Game, we have been wishing for a chance to explore the wasteland as a team, and now that may soon be possible! 😀

Have a look at the (typically vague) teaser trailer below:


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