Game publisher Iello announced last night that they are calling upon gamers to create a new mega-monster to add to the roster of the well-loved kaiju-fighter game. This competition will lead to the character becoming available as a promotional extra for the game, and there will also be prizes given out to the greatest creations!

It’s amazing to think that even after 7 years, the family board game ‘King of Tokyo’ is not only going strong, but is still releasing new content (largely thanks to the fantastic 2016 edition)!

Read their entry requirements below, which take place on Board Game Geek:

1) Dream up a new monster for King of Tokyo.
2) Post the monster idea as a new Geeklist item. Be sure to specify the name of the monster, as well as a description of the monster and a short bio. Also add any images or sketches that might convey the idea of your monster.
3) Maximum of 1 entry per user. So, spend a little time coming up with your best idea!

The list will be closed to submissions at 11:59 PM (central time) on May 22nd!

Some guidelines to follow when creating the monsters:

  • Must be giant: not just big. Monsters in the Game are 30 to 80 meters high, 100 to 250 feet. There must be some details in the background that help understanding the scale. Dracula in his manor does not work, but a giant Dracula seated in his manor may.
  • Must be a Monster: a giant human or animal isn’t enough. It must be clearly a Monster and not an augmented version of something that exists (exceptions can and have been made for animals that look like Monsters like a Shark or a Mantis). A giant person is not acceptable, but a giant robotic person that spreads lightning bolts and electricity all around may be.
  • Must be in the public domain: Parodies may be OK, but they must be sufficiently different from the source material that they do not infringe on any existing intellectual property rights whatsoever.
  • Must be adapted for a large audience: The Company’s core audience are families, and its games are played by children, so the Company will not accept any hateful, racist, sexist, sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate submissions whatsoever in the Company’s sole and absolute discretion.
  • Must be either well known or easily understandable: no complex mashups will be considered, for instance no shark-panda-cat robotic aliens in zombie form.
  • Must have only one clear universe: less is more, a Scottish ghost may be OK, but a Scottish ghost with Egyptian god references probably is not.


The brand-new prize winner of this competition will win a $250 board game prize pack, with some pretty sweet rewards for runner-ups too! Best of all, this competition allows for Australian entries, so get those creative caps on and start making your best beast!

To enter the competition, be sure to visit the original post on Board Game Geek here! Note that you will need to sign up for a free account with Board Game Geek in order to submit a reply on the competition.

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