David Walker

David is a web professional and project manager working with businesses, arts organisations, and not for profit organisations in South Australia.

David’s interests include how people interact and learn, particularly through modern multimedia platforms. He specialises in the neuroscience of web interaction, web accessibility and visual communication, ensuring that the Internet is as usable as possible by as many people as possible, regardless of age, disability or skill.

Watch: Inspiring stories from women in STEM

The push to increase the amount of women in STEM roles has been going for years. There has been improvement, we’ve gotten much further than the 7% level we had in the 70s, but there is still room to grow. Today is International Women’s Day, so lets highlight some success stories from women in STEM. […]

26 chatty abbreviations to help you navigate the social world

In the online world you generally can’t go a few clicks without encountering enough abbreviations and acronyms to make your head spin. While some web-heads are fluent in online shorthand, it can be tricky. That’s why we’ve collected these lists of some of the common ones you may encounter. There are definitely a lot more abbreviations that […]

Just some of the reasons museums are simply brilliant

Whether the British Museum or the community museum down the road, the experience of visiting a museum is always eye opening. Museums are some of my favourite places. We have travelled around the world, and some of my favourite experiences have been in museums. I’d like to take this opportunity to explain a little of […]

Let the sun shine: Benefits of getting enough sunlight in your life

How much sunlight do you see during your day? Did you know that the amount of sun you get in the morning can affect how well you sleep at night? Not to mention a whole bunch of other benefits to your body and mental wellbeing. Read on to find out just how helpful the sun […]

Adversity and resilience lessons for life and business from Disney

There’s a lot of wisdom in Disney films, and not just for children either. Here are some of the most poignant quotes to inspire you to be more resilient in your work and your life. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. The Emperor (Mulan) Oh yes, the past can […]

From the mouths of artists: Stop it and just DO!

The creative process always comes easier to some people than others, and sometimes creative people need a bit of a kick to get the encouragement to stop worrying about what they are doing and just DO. This is what the American artist Sol LeWitt wrote to Eva Hesse, the Jewish German-born American sculptor responsible for ushering in […]

Destroy your work, to make yourself better at it

I know that this sounds bizarre, but it’s true. There are benefits to creating, to producing artwork, poetry, designs, anything you can think of, and simply destroying it. Some of you may have already heard this theory, and whether you agree or not there are generations of artists and designers out there to back it […]

Great Couch Co-op games for building teamwork

It’s rare that I get to play video games with other people, but there’s little I enjoy more than sitting on the couch with a few friends, controllers in hands. Online multiplayer may be making games much more accessible, but it’s just not the same thing as being in the same room. Unfortunately for those of […]

Why S.T.E.M. is important for young and old

Here at BrainHackr we have a keen passion for all things S.T.E.M. Our team of contributors consists of everything from designers and developers to neuro-linguistic programmers and those with degrees in psychology and hypnotherapy. In the lead up to National Science Week this seems like a great time to explain a little bit about why. S.T.E.M. is an […]